Special Programs

Special Programs

As an insurance broker in Indianapolis, we write all forms of business insurance for almost any type of business. We recognized early on that it would be helpful to our clients  if we identified some specialty products that would be unique for certain segments of the business world and seek markets that would have extra special appeal to the clients of this insurance broker (Indianapolis area).

LaRue Insurance is one of the largest writers of mobile home communities in the state of Indiana. This insurance broker (Indianapolis) currently insures mobile home parks and dealers throughout Indiana and Ohio.  Our primary program includes many broadening coverage that are unique and provide coverage’s not found in other programs. We have been offering these programs since 1984.

This insurance broker Indianapolis has several programs for the auto service industry. This includes auto repair shops, used car dealers, and other auto service shops. We have several markets and programs for this special industry.

We also have a special program for Heavy Equipment Dealers selling items like fork lifts, back hoes and similar equipment.  This program also includes dealers that sell lawn and garden equipment.

We also have retail programs for all kinds of shops including clothing stores, liquor stores and convenience stores.

We urge you to let us show you what we can do for your machine shop or other metal manufacturing business. We have several markets seeking this metal working businesses.

Whatever insurance need you have, this insurance broker Indianapolis stands ready to serve your needs. We represent several companies and will broker your account to several companies at once to help you find the right program. Call us today so we can spring into action for you.

Our Special Insurance Programs include:
  • Mobile Home Dealers
  • Dry Cleaners & Laundries
  • Small Business
  • Used Car Dealers
  • Wholesalers & Distributors
  • Heavy Equipment Dealers
  • Lawn Mower Dealers
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Used Car Dealers
  • Resturants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Machine Shops
  • Metal Manufacturing
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LaRue Insurance Agency, Inc. is currently licensed to do business in the states of Indiana and Ohio only.

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